Frau sitzt mit nacktem Oberkörper und blickt aus der Fensterfront. Es ist nur der nackte Rücken der Frau zu sehen sowie eine hängende Weintraube. | © Steiermark Tourismus |

Wine & wellness

Choose a pool, nestled among the vineyards, with idyllic views of the surrounding hilly landscapes before you. Sit back and sip from a glass of excellent wine. Surely there's no better way to relax.

Sink back into your lounger, give a satisfied sigh, and let the relaxed atmosphere of South Styria wash over you. After a cleansing session at the sauna or a restorative massage, let your day draw to a relaxing close by simply lying back and drifting away. You can't help but relax in South Styria, with its enchanting natural backdrops and calming sense of bliss.