Lavendel | © Nina Weyrer Lavendel | © Nina Weyrer

Biohof Wunsum - Lavendelmanufaktur

Lavender manufactory

In the lavender manufactory, the harvested lavender is carefully dried, rubbed and sieved. The flowers are refined into tea specialities, liqueur rarities, soaps, jams, lavender vinegar.

The products can be purchased on site or via our web shop. In addition to lavender vinegar, we also produce herbal vinegar, lavender syrup and spice mixtures. Recently, we have also started producing lavender essential oil and eau de lavande.

Once a year, winegrowers, local businesses and artists celebrate the "Lavendelfest" together with WUNSUM. Accompanied by jazz, friends of lavender spend carefree hours under the motto "Look, Smell, Taste, Enjoy".


Bio-Lavendelhof Wunsum
DI Theresia Heigl-Tötsch
Greith 17+47
8442 Kitzeck im Sausal