Begegnungszentrum | © Lebenshilfe Leibnitz / BGZ Demmerkogel Begegnungszentrum | © Lebenshilfe Leibnitz / BGZ Demmerkogel

Cafe Begegnungszentrum Demmerkogel / Lebenshilfe

Embedded in the nature of southern Styria, at an altitude of approx. 600 metres above sea level, the "Demmerkogel Meeting Centre" is an optimal cooperation enterprise for Lebenshilfe Leibnitz.

Work and activities at the Höch Meeting Centre
We identify the competences of each client and promote their interests and abilities.
Everyone does what he/she is good at.
We work according to the guidelines of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the National Action Plan on Disability.

Breakfast and picnic are available fresh daily on advance order. The variations are: Hearty Styrian, vegetarian or vegan. We prepare our lunch daily and produce a wide variety of jams, juices, liqueurs and much more in our kitchen.


Begegnungszentrum Demmerkogel
Höch 3
8444 St. Andrä-Höch