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Der Weinsteirer

Weinsteirer Holger Massner hosts a wine time travel into the past every few months, proving that Styrian wines are still great after 40 years of aging, regardless of color and age.

The tastings include at least 20 wines of diverse varieties and winemakers, usually followed by culinary delights.

Register in time for a tasting of your choice and see for yourself.

Number of participants: max. 16 persons

Cellar appraisals, purchase and sale of matured wines

The Weinsteirer estimates your wine conquests or can assist you in finding specific wines or vintages.

Wine descriptions, recommendations, seductions

The Weinsteirer tastes regularly for the Styrian Wine Magazine, has his own column there and also describes wines for various winemakers in Styria. Maybe soon also for your wine list!?

Proofreading of menus and wine lists, brochures and websites, translations from Slovenian into German.


Der Weinsteirer
Holger Massner
Ewitsch 89
8461 Ehrenhausen an der Weinstraße