Klapo | © Ulrike Elsneg Klapo | © Ulrike Elsneg

Die Klapotetzstraße

Numerous klopotecs (windmills) line the vine country of the wine road so that it was quickly renamed the klopotec wind road and connects the Sausal with the Southern Styria Wine Road. It winds its way through the vineyards and mixed forests, offers great views and takes you to the wine.

It is lovingly called the little sister of the Southern Styria Wine Road and provides a stunning view of the Styrian wine country at every turn. Numerous vineyards and wine taverns are lined up and invite you to stop, taste and enjoy.

Originally, the klopotec was used to drive birds away from the vineyards, but today it is more a symbol of the winemaking tradition in Styria. It consists of at least five different types of wood, clatters from Jakobi (25th of July) to Martini (11th of November) and is a wooden structure with six or more blades and a bunch of branches to ideally align with the wind.


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