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Flamberger Hof

There is truly much to discover at the Flambergerhof of the Klein family. The organic farm offers an experience for the whole family - with the animals, the fruit trees, in the way, in the garden or in the forest. With the farmer Elisabeth Klein you can learn more about the farm as a habitat and the many activities on the farm.

The main branch of the Flamberger Hof is the rearing of heifers. In addition, the fruit is processed into juices, brandies and other delicacies. Otherwise, great importance is attached to the self-sufficiency of the family with the 4 children, whether with electricity from the photovoiltaikananlage, wood from the forest, herbs, vegetables and berries from the field and garden. Since the 2014 grain harvest, they produce farmhouse bread from their rye. On the farm, besides the calves, there are sheep, goats, mini pigs, chickens and many other animals. In order to awaken the children's understanding of agriculture, there have been vacation camps at the Flambergerhof for several years.

Tip: book the experience Stallzeit or the Erlebnistour Wiese right here.


Flamberger Hof
Elisabeth Klein
Flamberg 31
8505 St. Nikolai im Sausal