Südsteirische Kugelbahn beim Ratscher Landhaus | © Karin Bergmann Südsteirische Kugelbahn beim Ratscher Landhaus | © Karin Bergmann

Holzkugelbahn Ratscher Landhaus

Since April 2018, there is something new to learn in Ratscher Landhaus and to rediscover old forgotten things!

At about 55 meters in length, the Südsteirische Kugelbahn delights the spirit of discovery of young and old under the open sky. Made of Styrian larch wood, different experience stations introduce the themes and design language of Southern Styria: huge wooden bottles, a labyrinth, a Klapotetz and much more would like to be discovered and played with the wooden ball.

It works very simple: Buy a wooden ball from the vending machine (€ 2,00) on site and off you go! The ball is yours and you can play as many times as you want. open daily in fair weather! For young and young at heart!

Tipp: After playing in the great outdoors, you can strengthen yourself in the Ratscher Landhaus with Styrian cuisine or sweet delicacies.


Ratscher Landhaus GmbH
Andreas Muster
Ottenberg 35
8461 Ehrenhausen an der Weinstraße