Schloss Gleinstätten aus der Vogelperspektive | © Nikolaus Baumhakel Schloss Gleinstätten aus der Vogelperspektive | © Nikolaus Baumhakel

LandArt & Schloss Gleinstätten

The castle
The history of Gleinstätten Castle begins around 1523, when Baltasar the Geinzer received permission from Ferdinand I. to name his Micheldorf Gleinzstätten. At that time, according to records, the fortress must have already been a stately building. Unfortunately, the Gleinzer became increasingly indebted over the years, which is why the manor fell into other hands in 1607. Between 1622 and 1670 the barons von Zeller took over the property and gave the castle its present shape. After that, the estate changed owners several times. Thus, the Barons of Zehenter were in possession from 1670 to 1728, then until 1885 the estate was in the hands of the Counts of Khünburg and then finally the Baron Wucherer-Huldenfeld family acquired the considerably diminished estate. After the castle area was under the management of the food company Inzersdorfer for several years, it was finally bought by the municipality of Gleinstätten in 1975 and lovingly revitalized. Thus, the castle became a popular event location, which offers a more than dignified and unique setting for symbosies, castle concerts and vernissages. In addition, the elementary school is located in this historic building, where contemporary lessons are held in a great symbiosis.

LandArt - Park
Around the castle, with the castle park and the castle meadow, an adventure park of a special kind was built in 2004 and 2005 in symbiosis of art and nature. Throughout the entire area, one encounters impressive works of art and installations that merge with nature. The artistic interventions were created by Marina Bauer, Susanne Baumhakel, Michael Kienzer, Wilhelm Scherübl and Gustav Troger. The nature experience path also provides insights into the biodiversity of the biotope and the plant world. Translated with (free version)


Schloss Gleinstätten
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