Georg Pocks Spezialbiere | © GlaMur Georg Pocks Spezialbiere | © GlaMur

Pock Bier: Landwerkstatt & Genusslabor

Georg Pock, the creative head with a lot of experience, passionately produces his own special beers. The beers produced ferment individually in the bottle, recognizable by the yeast depot at the bottom. Thus, the beer contains only naturally formed carbonic acid. A life in harmony with nature is his philosophy and you can feel it in his brewery and country workshop.

The central element of the brewery is a modified brewing kettle with lauter tun. The cooling system uses tried-and-tested technology with modern components from the wine cellar technology. The beer is produced on site in the enjoyment laboratory in the new type of plant, in which a control system enables precise temperature control, which is important for the enzymatic processes.

  The traditional "thirst quencher" beer offers an enormous variety of further development possibilities in terms of ingredients and production processes. In the enjoyment laboratory, therefore, beers will also be produced in which the traditional ingredients such as hops, water and malt, are combined with fruits (fruit beers), self-roasted malts, rose petals (rose beer) and herbs from our own farm.

The creative beers produced ferment individually in the bottle, recognizable by the yeast deposit at the bottom. Thus, the beer receives only naturally formed carbonic acid and also the vitamin B complexes of the yeast, which are important for the human organism, are preserved. Pock beer is available in bottles and in kegs.


Landwerkstatt & Genusslabor, Bierbrauerei
Georg Pock
Pichla bei Mureck 31
8481 St. Veit in der Südsteiermark