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Motorikpark Gamlitz

The motor skills park built around the Gamlitz landscape ponds is the largest of its kind in Europe with its 30 stations and nearly 100 exercise elements. Nowhere else can coordination and motor skills be trained better than here.

Different-Walking, Balance-Parcours, Earth Wave Walking, Sensory Path, Climbing Tour... The Motorikpark Gamlitz enables the activation of the entire body musculature in a playful way.

The difference between amateur and professional shows only in the repetition, speed and dexterity. Keeping moving is equally important for anyone who cares about their health. From compulsory school students to fitness and sports enthusiasts to professional athletes. The comprehensive training is aimed precisely at these points.

In addition to fun and enjoyment, real, high-yield special training is thus possible at the stations. This creates completely new conditions for soccer clubs of all levels, but also for specialists such as ski jumpers or alpine ski stars. The 41 stations with 150 exercise elements, developed by Linz sports scientist Dr. Roland Werthner, are designed so that they can be used by any group of any age. Guests who would like to use the motor skills park under supervision can book trained personal coaches. Look forward to something completely new. Welcome to the motor park!

Tip: Visit the Motorikpark Gamlitz when you are on the wine route tour! :-)


Motorikpark Gamlitz
Untere Hauptstraße 455
8462 Gamlitz