Eingang zum Bauerngarten am Grottenhof | © Lisi Maier Eingang zum Bauerngarten am Grottenhof | © Lisi Maier


Typical farm garden flowers, herbs and vegetables of old cultivated varieties await you in the nature park farm garden. Taste caraway thyme and apple mint and let yourself be enchanted by the scent of the vine rose and farmer's hydrangea.

The history of the peasant garden, typical for us today, probably begins only at the beginning of the 20th century. On a relatively small area plants were arranged both according to different categories such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, ornamental plants, and according to principles of aesthetics. The typical features of peasant gardens are the predominant planting of herbs and vegetables, the rectangular or square layout with a wayside cross and the enclosure, often by a fence, but also by a wall or hedge.

In the center of the wayside cross there is usually a roundel, often with a fountain, but also with a small tree or a small round flower bed. Usually there are also a few flowers, often perennials, and sometimes soft fruits and fruit trees.

The farmer's garden in the Nature Park Center is intended to recall this traditional old cultural asset and contribute to raising awareness among the population.


Grottenhof 1
8430 Kaindorf