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Hartlieb oil mill

Hartlieb Oil Mill and Pumpkin Seed Oil Museum give visitors insights into the early days of pumpkin seed oil production as well as modern-day manufacturing. The Museum on the ground floor of the mill provides an exhibition on oil production, the necessary basic materials, the handling of old equipment, as well as customs and traditions dating back to the year dot. Follow the oil pressing process at the workshop and enjoy the wonderful aroma of pumpkin seed oil.

The oil mill Hartlieb is in the third oil miller generation and stands for quality, tradition and progressive thinking. High-quality products from the surrounding area, produced by hand according to methods that were already practiced by our ancestors, in some cases for centuries - this simply results in honest, traceable delicacies that refine our lives.

Freshly pressed is the passion of Thomas Hartlieb and his team. Not only pumpkin seeds are used, but also real rarities such as pine nuts, hemp, grape seeds or tiger nuts.

  In the museum you will learn everything worth knowing, immerse yourself in this traditional craft of oil production and learn about the process from pumpkin to the finished oil. When the fragrant oil flows out of the press, you will know the value of hard work, craftsmanship and tradition that you hold in your hands with every bottle of oil.


Ölmühle Hartlieb
Mühlweg 1
8451 Heimschuh