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Ölmühle Kremsner

Located on the Sulm river and surrounded by steeply sloping vineyards, delicious oils are hand-crafted in this family-owned operation.

The impressive building complex from the 17th century consists of the grain mill with a water-power plant, the press house, the secondary buildings and the dwelling house. Together with his family, the "head of the house" Gerhard Kremsner endeavours to achieve the highest quality of the "Kremsner products".

The Kremsner family is known for the friendly treatment of guests to south Styrian wine country when it comes to the expert explanation of pumpkin seed oil extraction, pumpkin seed oil tasting and visiting the pumpkin seed oil museum.

Visits: free of charge.
Guided tours: € 2,00/person - registration required.
Duration: 1 hour (with technical lecture and tasting).

For sporty people: The oil mill is located directly on the Sulmradweg R1, the 2 Rivers Tour, the Sausaler Tour and the Urgeschichtlicher Wanderweg.


Ölmühle Kremsner
Mantrach 23
8452 Großklein