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Polz Buschenschank

Styrian Buschenschank for friends of great cuisine and great bottles.

Alexander Mayer (Mayer & Freunde) works this summer at the winery of Erich Polz Jun. (Polz Winery) on the Grassnitzberg in southern Styria. A cooperation that gives lovers of the highest quality in terms of food & wine already in advance pleasant shivers. In the Mayer manner, it is all about innovatively tuned delicacies, based on tradition and origin. Genuine Styrian Buschenschank. Cold cuisine. The very best of the simple. Light-footed, small courses. Often very typical, often funky. First-class sausage and bacon meet Styrian ceviche, sour meadow chicken and fresh summer vegetables. Erich Polz Jun. opens the corresponding bottles. From delicate and fresh to elegant and exclusive. Matured to the point, in entertaining large format, still, sparkling, rare ... Alex sends, Erich puts one on top. But sometimes it's the other way around. And if an item on the menu should not be available at short notice, you can be sure, if Alex Mayer has his fingers in the pie, that it is one of the best products of its category from a small, fine, regional producer, which of course is not available indefinitely. But that's life. So enjoy it.


Polz Buschenschank
Am Graßnitzberg 43
8472 Straß in Steiermark