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Posch Hendl

Quality, regionality, personality, handwork and the respectful treatment of animals, carried out with heart and respect, are those things that are not only appreciated in our farm, but also lived for generations!

We, that is Peter Posch, farmer and son of the house and Daniela Posch, druggist and farmer, take care of our farm with the support of grandparents and hardworking employees, already for over 15 years. Already for several generations we are connected to the land and earn our livelihood.

The happy chicks, hatched in Styria, grow up in species-appropriate coops with fresh bedding, plenty of daylight and room to move.

We feed our chickens with our own GMO-free grain and instead of antibiotics we use vitamins and herbal extracts. Several times a week transport-free farm slaughtering guarantees fresh quality, which our customers taste and appreciate. The careful, hand-picked processing and control are the guarantee that POSCH-HENDL has been able to offer the popular poultry meat for many years.


Posch Hendl
Triftweg 7
8451 Heimschuh