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Ranninger am Grottenhof

Cuisine Sensuelle
The design of an independent culinary art

Behind this term hides not simply a good middle-class cuisine. The award-winning chef, Thomas Ranninger, uses it to describe his special way of creating a culinary delight. With him the pleasure and the authentic sense experience merge to a harmonious and typical overall impression. New taste experiences open up through the interaction of all human senses.

Cuisine Sensuelle makes use of the inexhaustible wealth of nature: mushrooms, herbs, grains, vegetables, flowers and species-appropriate farm animals as carriers of unadulterated taste. Such a menu is based on the seasons, i.e. the availability of fresh products and ingredients from the local region. These are prepared with love to please the palate of everyone.


Ranninger am Grottenhof
Thomas Ranninger
Grottenhof 1
8430 Leibnitz