Zug auf Modelleisenbahn | © Karl Trummer Zug auf Modelleisenbahn | © Karl Trummer

Riesenmodellbahnanlage Trummer

The versatile craftsman, tinkerer and trained carpenter Karl Trummer, has converted a former pigsty in St. Nikolai ob Draßling into a small museum.

At the moment, there are 132 operational locomotives on the entire site. Karl Trummer has laid a total of 400 meters of track on the layout and reconstructed 151 buildings, some of them true to the original. Almost 950 trees adorn the entire area and countless little people tell stories at the individual locations.


Riesenmodellbahnanlage Trummer
Karl Trummer
Kirchberg 50
8422 St. Veit in der Südsteiermark