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Schloss Seggau

Seggau Castle is more than just a castle: like a small town, it is situated on a gentle hill in the middle of the southern Styrian wine country. Hotel Schloss Seggau has been known as an excursion destination for decades. Probably the most impressive rooms of the castle are the princely rooms. The bishop's wine cellar, which is over 300 years old, is one of the oldest and largest in the country.

The history of the area surrounding Hotel Schloss Seggau dates back to the time of the Celts and Romans, to which a unique lapidarium bears impressive witness. The upper castle, built by the Salzburg archbishops in the 12th century as a missionary and administrative bastion was expanded by the bishops of Seckau from 1219. The "Fürstenzimmer" (prince's rooms) on the 2nd floor are a true jewel of art with their closed preserved baroque furnishings.

Seggau Castle was the representative seat of the Styrian bishops until 1786 and a summer residence until the 20th century. Since then, a hotel with tavern and a modern congress and seminar center have been created with great sensitivity. The stylish ambience of the castle, together with the contemporary architecture of the hotel, creates a stimulating and harmonious environment for vacations. The wine tradition has its origins as early as the 12th century. The wine cellar, which is over 300 years old, with its venerable wooden barrels, is an ideal venue for the "In Vino Veritas" wine tastings. Located on the northern edge of the castle grounds, the cellar is freely accessible during opening hours - except during guided tours.

Guided tours and visits
At Seggau Castle, culture lovers can take a look behind the scenes during castle tours. Our recommendation: a castle tour through the Styrian bishop's castle with a visit to the baroque castle chapel, St. Michael's Chapel, the "Seggauer Liesl" (the largest historical bell in Styria) and the prince's rooms. Afterwards, guests can stop at the castle tavern, where specialties of the region are served. Inquire right here!

Culinary highlights in the castle tavern
The Seggau Castle Tavern with its regional specialties and Seggau wine is definitely worth a visit!

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Schloss Seggau
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