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The circular trail through the school vineyard of the Silberberg wine school is about one and a half kilometers long. At the apex of this educational wine trail, a short steep detour leads to the small, massively built Silberberg lookout station at 412 meters above sea level.

Built in 1871, the tower offers a direct view of Seggau Castle, the Frauenberg pilgrimage church and Lake Sulm. The stone tower is only three meters high, and a metal platform was added to it in 1995 during renovation by viticulture students. Rails from the Sulmtal Railway, which was discontinued in the 1960s, were used for the railing.

The path to the Kogelberg and the Kreuzkogelwarte is a bit further, and you should allow half an hour for it.


Obst- und Weinbauschule Silberberg
Kogelberg 16
8430 Leibnitz