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Stadtpfarrkirche Leibnitz

About 850 years ago, St. James Church was built on the outskirts of the then market town of Leibnitz by the Archbishop of Salzburg. It is the oldest building in Leibnitz and its walls have probably experienced a lot in the course of the eventful history of the southern Styrian town.

St. James the Elder, July 25; Kirchw.: May 1 Population: pop. 16,984; Roman Catholic 14,416 Parish err. c. 860 (gen. 1136); matr.: T 1704, Tr u. St 1679. matr. of Seggau bei Leibnitz: 1927-1993. parish church erb. c. 1140.


  • Capuchin church of St. Andrew the Apostle, erb. 1634-1639
  • St. Maria am Frauenberg, gen. 1170 -St. Mary in Seggau Castle, inherited. 15 c. (1681/82, independent parish 1927-1993)
  • St. Maximilian in Maxlon, gen. 1384.

Mass chapels:

  • Weeping Mother in Seggauberg
  • St. Michael's Chapel in the educational house at Seggau Castle
  • St. Mary and Magdalene in Schönegg
  • St. Mary's Visitation in Retzhof
  • St. Rupert in Obergralla
  • St. Mary Help in Untergralla
  • St. Mary in Obertillmitsch
  • Hlgst. Trinity in Untertillmitsch
  • St. Anna (Annabründl) in Grottenhof

Parish priest: Mag. Anton Neger
Chaplain: Mag. Paul J. Markowitsch
Pastoral assistant: MMag. Renate Nika
Parish secretary: Harald Hammer
Deacon: Franz Herneth


Stadtpfarrkirche Leibnitz
Bahnhofstraße 1
8430 Leibnitz