Tempelmuseum am Frauenberg | © Maria Schoiswohl Tempelmuseum am Frauenberg | © Maria Schoiswohl

Tempelmuseum Frauenberg

Museum experience in the midst of ancient temples. The Temple Museum at Frauenberg near Leibnitz - built on the ruins of the Isis-Noreia temple - accompanies you on a unique journey through 6500 years of settlement history and to the Celtic-Roman capitals of Styria.

The Frauenberg Temple Museum is located on the crest of the Frauenberg about 2 km west of the city of Leibnitz and is dedicated to the sanctuaries of the mountain.

Several of the most important archaeological sites in Styria are located on the Frauenberg: one of the largest Celtic sanctuaries in the entire eastern Alpine region, a late antique burial ground with more than 550 graves and a Roman cult district, whose most important temple was dedicated to the goddess Isis-Noreia.

Frauenberg is considered the nucleus and starting point of the Roman city of Flavia Solva (located in present-day Wagna). The newly designed museum is located directly west of the Baroque pilgrimage church and was built in the 18th century directly on the Roman foundation walls of the Isis-Noreia temple.

In two exhibition rooms and a spacious open-air area with a ground plan of a Gallo-Roman temple, you can wander through the 6500-year history of the mountain. Exhibits from the prehistoric settlement, statuettes of the Celtic-Roman mother goddess, consecration inscriptions, but also numerous grave goods from the cemetery show the eventful history of this historic site.

An independent tour of the museum grounds is possible, as well as guided tours of the museum, the Roman herb garden and the Roman stone collection in the vaulted cellar.


Tempelmuseum Frauenberg
Frauenberg 17
8430 Leibnitz