Terroir erleben Terroir erleben

Terroir erleben

For a new taste of Austria’s wine country, come explore the South Styrian Wine Road. Aimed at oenophiles-in-training, a self-guided hike takes travelers to the countryside 2.5 hours southwest of Vienna to learn about the Styrian terroir. This new experience uses modern tech touches to bring travelers closer to the land, allowing them to learn about the special set of characteristics of the local geography,geology and how this interacts with the grape vines.

Using your own smartphone/tablet (or one rented from the participating vineyards), guests can take a GPS-guided tour of the vineyards. Walk to the pre-programmed GPS coordinates, while taking in the scenery of southern Styria. The app displays text, pictures, audio and video-based information, and because it is self-guided guests choose just how much they want to learn. Soak up knowledge about the local soil profile, climate influences and personal touches of the individual vintners, as well as learn the variables and challenges that each vintner is faced with when growing the perfect grape.

Cap off your educational experience with hands-on participation: a tasting! Return to the winery to taste the final product of the terroir you have just explored. You might even have a chat with the vintner, who will answer any questions you may further have.

Fast Facts:

  • Tours take between 45 minutes to an hour
  • Tours are free of charge
  • There are 12 different participating vintners
  • Tablets with GPS are available to rent on location



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