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Welcome to the GROSS Winery!


The Winery The Gross Winery is one of the most internationally renowned Austrian wineries and a founding member of the Styrian Terroir and Classic Wine Estates (STK). Our family has been dedicated to viticulture since 1907. Martina and Johannes Gross, together with their family, steer the fortunes of the winery. They strive to express the special characteristics of the vineyard, grape variety and vintage in the best possible way. Steep hills, diverse soils and a climate characterized by alpine, maritime and Pannonian influences provide ideal conditions for a wide variety of white wine varieties.

Winery GROSS


Altitude: 300 - 500 m, slopes up to 85%.

Vineyard area: 67 ha

White wine varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Morillon (Chardonnay), Gelber Muskateller, Gewürztraminer, Welschriesling, Pinot Gris The vineyards are cultivated exclusively by hand and in harmony with nature: without herbicides, insecticides and botryticides, fertilization with home-made compost.

Contact: GROSS Winery, 8461 Ratsch a. d. Weinstraße 26, AUSTRIA | (0043) 3453 2527 | weingut@gross.at | www.gross.at | facebook.com/weingutgross | instagram.com/weingutgross

The wines

The three-part pyramid of origin illustrates the range philosophy of our winery. The regional wines form the solid, fresh-fruity basis. The local and site wines rest on it and represent the conditions of their location in a precious way.

South Styrian regional wines The regional wines (among them the wines of the "Steirische Klassik") represent the enormous variety of grape varieties of the region and, thanks to their young, fresh and fruity style, are considered ambassadors of the wine culture of southern Styria.

Local wines The climate and geological peculiarities of a wine-growing village result in wines with character. Whether it is the Gamlitz sandy soil or the lime-rich Ratscher Kessel - the conditions shape the taste. Wines of the same grape variety develop completely different bouquets and flavors depending on their origin. Local wines mature for at least eight months in the cellar and have considerable storage potential.

Site wines Our premium wines come from vineyards with excellent soils and a particularly favorable microclimate. Strict criteria apply to the quality of the vineyards as well as to the aging period of the wines in the cellar. Rieden wines tell of their origin - the terroir of that small vineyard where they were harvested. Their aging potential is enormous, but we can only vinify them in small quantities.

Our vineyards -Ried Nussberg (Great STK site) -Vineyard Perz (First STK site) -Vineyard Sulz (First STK site) -Vineyard Kittenberg (First STK site) -Witscheiner Herrenberg Štajerska Slovenija About one fifth of the vineyards we cultivate are located in the charming landscape of Štajerska Slovenija, in the wine-growing village of Gorca near Ptuj. The vines, painstakingly tended by hand, grow exclusively on terraces on extremely steep slopes. Like southern Styria,

Štajerska Slovenija enjoys excellent climatic conditions and excellent, stony-karsty soils that are consistently rich in limestone. We would like to breathe new life into this traditional wine-growing region and help it to regain its international reputation.

Jakobi The label of the elegantly spicy Sauvignon Blanc uses symbols from the Old Farmer's Calendar to tell of formative events and the weather patterns of the wine year in which it matured.

Visits to the winery We write hospitality BIG. The doors of our winery are wide open. Wine lovers can visit our vineyards and cellar, taste wines and purchase them at farm-gate prices. We look forward to your visit to us at the Nussberg!

You can stop by for a wine tasting at any time during our opening hours. Someone from the family or a knowledgeable person from the team will be happy to advise you on your choice of wines, which you can also purchase on site. Information and contact details at www.gross.at/weingut

The region

Southern Styria and, increasingly, Štajerska Slovenija are known for their charming landscape characterized by steep hills and viticulture. The combination of nature experience, cultural and culinary offer attracts tourists from near and far to our region year after year. We would like to encourage visitors to our winery to get to know and enjoy the southern Styrian art of living. At the same time, we look forward to becoming a station on your personal journey of discovery through southern Styria.