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Weingut Hannes Sabathi

Winemaking, living, loving, children-great-grandchildren and growing old... Our traditional, down-to-earth, family-run winery is located on the Kranachberg at 500 meters above sea level, nestled among vineyards and a picture-perfect view. Hannes the winemaker wants to get to the bottom of things and do everything right from the vineyard to the cellar. For him, perfection is not everything and predictability is not always a blessing. Peculiarity, concentration and experience that he has perfected over the years are now in the flesh, blood and wine. "Making good wine is one of those things for which a single lifetime is too short. I still try." Visit us at Kranachberg and taste our wines

Man wants as much as possible, and he wants it fast. After his first years as a winemaker, Hannes has learned to find peace and patience. He has arrived at himself and his wine, and you can taste it!


Weingut Hannes Sabathi
Hannes Sabathi
Kranachberg 51
8462 Gamlitz