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Weingut Lackner-Tinnacher

The winery, a family

We have been making wine for 246 years, and we have always remained a family business. Katharina Tinnacher places special emphasis on organic, careful care of the vineyards and cultivates her wines exclusively from her own steep sites - in a timelessly elegant style, characterized by fine structure and great longevity. "Only the best grapes from our own gardens make our wine". Our winery is located in Steinbach, with a magnificent view of the vineyards.

We look forward to your visit, taste and taste with how much dedication and passion our wines are made.

We live with the vines on a soil that is rough and demanding, but which gives so much if you know how to take it. As the saying goes? A land of milk and honey for advanced and wines like rays of hope.


Weingut Lackner-Tinnacher
Katharina Lackner
Steinbach 12, Lackner-Tinnacher Weg
8462 Gamlitz