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Buschenschank Nekrep vlg. Stani Gustl

With us you eat in the green

Our Buschenschank is located on the Eckberg, in the midst of greenery, surrounded by vineyards with a magnificent panoramic view on our terrace. Typical, Styrian Brettljause, homemade delicacies, sandwiches, Brettljause or even something for cheese lovers, with us there is something for everyone. Lean back and let us spoil you with culinary delights, accompanied by a glass of wine, what more could you want - enjoy - switch off and recharge your batteries. We are looking forward to your visit.

Hiking tip: Via hiking trail no. 3 you pass directly by our house and have many opportunities to continue hiking in different directions and explore the beautiful surroundings.

In this winery one lives authentically the generational contract, after all, viticulture has been practiced for more than 100 years in the Nekrep vulgo Stani Gustl winery. With the high quality of the wines, the friendly family has already made a name for itself far beyond the Styrian borders decades ago. Today Günter Nekrep is responsible for the family business directly on the South Styrian Wine Road. Wine connoisseurs, gourmets and wine freaks are not only thrilled by his noble growths, however; on sale are rarities such as a Merlot red wine vinegar or Merlot balsamic vinegar. Equally sought-after products are home-distilled noble brandies such as Kriecherl, Williams pear, Maschansk apple, Muskateller pomace brandy, quince, plum and also one aged in oak barrels. A red wine liqueur, a nut liqueur and a caraway seed liqueur are also offered. Enjoyment directly from the winegrower The many (regular) guests are particularly impressed by the charming ambience of the Buschenschank. The panoramic view from the terrace is equally breathtaking and the snacks excellent: connoisseur heart, what more could you want? Vacation with the vintner Not only culinary-vinological the Nekrep family can offer gourmets a lot, comfort rooms make their stay a perfect experience


Weinhof Nekrep vlg. Stani Gustl
Günter Nekrep
Eckberg 72
8462 Gamlitz