Weingut Regele Keller | © Mag. Fritz Sutter Weingut Regele Keller | © Mag. Fritz Sutter

Weingut Regele

The Regele Winery combines good taste with contemporary art and modern design.

In addition to fine wines, the range also includes sparkling wine, semi-sparkling wine and fine spirits.

Let the Styrian wine enchant you!


There are many wineries in southern Styria. Thank God for that. But what distinguishes the winery Regele, located outside Ehrenhausen at the beginning of the of the South Styrian Wine Road? On the one hand, the tradition (founded in 1830 and in seventh generation), and on the other hand, modernity. on the other hand the modernity. Because Georg, Ingrid and son Franz Regele think outside the box and present and present their single-vineyard wines and sparkling sparkling wines with great finesse and elegance.


Weingut Regele
Georg Regele
Ewitsch 34
8461 Ehrenhausen an der Weinstraße