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Weingut Söll

On the Sernauberg...

...nestled among vineyards in a dream location is our winery, switch off, enjoy and look at the charming landscape? Then you are exactly right with us. An adventure vineyard tour with winemaker Hannes, or simply taste the wines, chat a bit and let your soul dangle. Gentle viticulture The concept of WEIN SEIN was developed from practical experience. BEING WINE is an elementary experience with nature. The goodness of the wine originates in the vineyard. Hannes Söll harvests the gifts and fruits that he has cultivated over the decades without chemicals. Fertilizing is a sin against the miracle of nature. For 20 years the winery has done without fertilizers and it works, tastes and is exemplary.

Our self-service hut is always open for thirsty hikers or cyclists.

We look forward to seeing you!

Our motto - Back to the future Progress wherever you look but we are taking a smarter path - one closer to the nature of man. Gentle and loving approach to wine that goes far beyond organic viticulture.


Weingut Söll
Johannes & Maria Söll
Steinbach 63a
8462 Gamlitz