Bischöflicher Weinkeller Schloss Seggau_1 | © Stefan Kristoferitsch Bischöflicher Weinkeller Schloss Seggau_1 | © Stefan Kristoferitsch

Weinkeller Schloss SEGGAU

Winecellar of Schloss Seggau

Wine has been cultivated on the southern Styrian hills for Millennia. Needless to say it has become part of the heritage and is deeply ingrained in the culture of the region. The Episcopal vineyards of Schloss Seggau are no exception and together with its wine cellar it represents a true gem in Austrian viticulture.

Schloss Seggau boasts one of the oldest and largest wine cellars in Austria and Europe. It has been a jewel in the Southern Styrian viticulture for over three hundred years and attracts thousands of wine enthusiasts every year.

Winecellar of Schloss Seggau

Bishop Josef Graf von Thun built the wine cellar to support and encourage local wine production between 1693 and 1697. Baroque in design the wine cellar is unique in that it is not built into the ground as it customary of wine cellars but rather it was purposefully placed on top of the ground. Upon completion the southern wall of the cellar was reinforced and insulated by a thick clay and gravel wall.

The grounds between the wine cellar and the castle were subsequently filled in later years to allow for the construction of an orangery and French garden (both never built). The northern wall and the ground beyond this remained free standing. This unique construction allowed for natural and very advanced temperature regulation system.

The varying temperatures between the seasons lent some advantages to the Seggauer wine production. The higher temperatures in autumn allowed for improved fermentation while in winter the colder temperatures allowed for improved precipitation of crystals in the natural fermentation process within the oak barrels.

The giant doors guarding the wine cellar open into an impressive hall that stretches 75 meters in length and expands 8 meters in breadth. 36 massive oak barrels line the walls of the cellar bunkering an impressive 150,000 litres of wine. The dim light emitted from the twelve lanterns hanging from the tall ceiling and the earthy air of the cellar allow for a rustic ambience in which our wine tastings take place.

Our boutique wine shop stores wines dating back to 1929. Our staff can organise matured-wine tasting for wines from 1980. This is an ideal evening programme for various events or groups.

Today the cellar is no longer used in the production of wine. Rather it has become a regional attraction drawing in thousands of visitors every year interested in its unique construction and special ambience. It is used throughout the year to host a variety of receptions, wine tastings and banquets. It is possible to arrange events in our wine cellar by contacting the events team at Schloss Seggau.


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