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Art & culture

For us in Southern Styria, art and culture are not consumer goods of modern times. We understand them as ritual forms of expression - and these are as diverse and welcome with us as our guests. So we do not want to seduce to consumption, but invite to explore, marvel, experience and enjoy. Art, culture and enjoyment have shaped the identity of our region and in order to understand Southern Styria in its deep and true being, we are happy to take our guests on a cultural journey through time, from days gone by to the here and now. Please get on board, we are off on a discovery tour!  

The attitude to life of a region finds expression in its creative works

One might think that the art of living is the discipline with which Southern Styria has made a name for itself. But besides the many artists who know how to enjoy life to the fullest, there are also true artists in southwestern Styria who sweeten our days and evenings with music, art, literature and acting.  The art scene is diverse and colorful, shows itself in contemporary and modern works, can be experienced as an event, arts and crafts or architectural work. 

Saxophonklänge im Innenhof eines alten Schlosses  | © LupiSpuma


The cultural country festival!
As individual as the people and the wine are, so is their culture. The KUNST.KULTUR.TAGE "schillern" will start with a dense program. Qualitatively demanding and varied by the most diverse areas and sections, numerous events enrich the days around Pentecost.

Art & cultural events

Here you will find selected cultural events in southern Styria.

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Minidramen | © Kürbis Wies

Drama, Baby, Drama!

26 - 31 May. 2022

Eröffnung der designfrische

26 May. 2022
Peter Sengl - This is my Way

Vernissage: This Is My Way - Peter Sengl

26 May. 2022

IMPRO mit chilipfeffer

28 May. 2022
Tangoabend | © Stieglerhaus

Argentinischer Tangoabend

28 May. 2022
St.Stefan ob Stainz
Charly und die Kaischlabuam | © Kulturausschuss Lannach

Charly & die Kaischlabuam

28 May. 2022
Designfrische | © SelfSightSeeing Company


26 May. - 06 Jun. 2022
Schwindelfrei | © StainZeit

Schwindelfrei - Uli Brée

29 May. 2022
Station am Theaterweg | © Theaterdorf St. Josef

Erlebe den Theaterweg

29 May. 2022
St. Josef