Nature activities

A mere glimpse of South Styria's idyllic scenery is enough to cast a spell over its visitors. Hiking, cycling, archery and horse riding are all great ways to discover the many faces of this extraordinary region. Over gently rolling hills, through vineyards and orchards and colorful mixed forests, along rivers and up to the heights of Austria's most southerly alpine meadow, South Styria offers sports enthusiasts and pleasure seekers alike the chance to sample the wonders of nature.

In spring, when the first rays of sunshine kiss the landscape and awaken it from slumber, the mild climate offers ideal conditions for a journey of discovery by bike or on foot. It's hard to resist going on a 'wine hike' or a bike ride when glorious seas of flowers, pleasant temperatures and captivating backdrops await. Visitors are spoilt for choice, from day tours to leisurely rambles through the Weinland (Wine Country).

In summer, it's great fun to walk through the Heiligengeistklamm and Altenbachklamm gorges when the temperatures are cooler. Pleasure cyclists can take a well-earned and refreshing dip in the numerous lakes, rivers and bathing areas on their excursions through this remarkable region. And in autumn, when southern Austria is bursting with colour and harvest time is in full swing, visitors are invited to experience the joys of life to the fullest.

Enjoying life and its gifts lies at the heart of the region. And it's not just the breathtaking natural scenery and unspoiled views that visitors will love: on a wine hike or a wine bike ride, you will come across many splendid places to stop for a rest and some refreshment. Local businesses serving regional delicacies and excellent wines encourage you to take a well-deserved break from your explorations. Enjoyment and nature go hand-in-hand here, making a stay in South Styria an unforgettable experience for all sports enthusiasts and lovers of the great outdoors.