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Cycling in South Styria

Get the blood pumping as you discover the sun-dappled southern climes of Austria and gaze in wonder at the idyllic scenery. Take a leisurely bike ride through South Styria and make the most out of the impressive network of trails branching off in every direction. Past vineywards, meadows and forests, acquaint yourself with the cultural gems and eventful history of an inimitable region and indulge yourself in the culinary delights that South Styria has to offer. Cyclists can climb the steep trails up to the highest winegrowing area in Europe, Kitzeck, or pedal at their leisure along the flat terrain beside the rivers, delighting in the shady forests - or perhaps even take the gently undulating sections towards the South Styrian Wine Road. Explore the Wine Country in all its splendour on two wheels. Not only does South Styria offer the most magical backdrop for cycling, it also has plenty of options to attract all cycling enthusiasts whatever their fitness level.

Cycling in South Styria doesn't necessarily mean pushing your body to the limit. There are numerous places that offer e-bikes for hire, making your cycling experience even more relaxing. As your battery slowly runs out - in more ways than one - simply call into one of the many Buschenschänken (wine taverns), inns and restaurants dotted along the cycling routes to recharge and refuel with a delicious selection of culinary treats.

Those looking for more action-packed adventure may prefer the mountain biking options: feel the air rushing past your face on the dedicated mountain biking stretches as you embark on an exhilarating ride.

As a cycling destination, South Styria also forms part of the superb "Weinland Steiermark" (Styrian Wine Country) cycling tour,  a very diverse route running 403 km east to south across eight stages, with Graz as its centre point.

© TRV Südweststeiermark | Tom Lamm

"Weinland Steiermark" cycling tour

The Styrian Wine Country cycling tour is over 400 km long, stretching across the beautiful vine-clad landscapes of southern and eastern Styria. There are eight Styrian Wine Roads to explore, plus a variety of cultural and culinary gems.

Radfahrer blickt auf Kürbis am Straßenrand | © Steiermark Tourismus | Gerhard Eisenschink


The Murradweg runs 458 km from the Tauern mountain range to the Weinland (Wine Country) and on to Slovenia and Croatia. The culinary temptations to be discovered along the way are just as diverse as the fascinating landscapes. In particular, the South Styrian sections of the route from Graz to Bad Radkersburg via Leibnitz, Wildon, Straß Spielfeld and Mureck boast more than their fair share of gastronomic delights.

The most beautiful bike tours

Whether by e-bike, mountain bike or racing bike, you can be sure to find something that hits the spot.
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Tourismusegionalverband Süd- und Weststeiermark
Tour, Cycling

2-Flüsse Tour

Along the Saggau and the Schwarze Sulm you will also explore the corn fields and sunflowers of the region.
Tour, Cycling, Cycling Tours

Etappe 01 Weinland Steiermark Radtour Leibnitz - Deutschlandsberg

Right in the middle of likely the most famous wine-growing region in Austria, the Southern Styria Nature Park, the bike tour takes us to the starting point in Leibnitz. At the end of this day's stage we reach Deutschlandsberg, the capital of the ...
TRV SWS | Tom Lamm
Tour, Cycling

Sausal Tour

The Sausaler Tour has something to offer every taste - wonderful views, a varied landscape and lots of wine taverns to call into.
Gerhard Eisenschink
Tour, Cycling, Cycling Tours

Stage 06 Mur Bike Path Graz - Leibnitz

This stage, the longest of the Styrian river bike paths, takes us from Graz, the enjoyment capital of Austria, to southern Styria and Leibnitz. It is a tour of enjoyment and culture as well as wine and culture. And the route on the Mur Bike Path is ...
Gerhard Eisenschink
Tour, Cycling, Cycling Tours

Stage 07 Mur Bike Path Leibnitz - Bad Radkersburg

Welcome to the last stage in Austria along the Mur. It leads us from Leibnitz in the south of Styria through fields and riparian forests with opportunities for trips to the vineyards in the romantic spa town of Bad Radkersburg right on the border ...
Tour, Cycling, Cycling Tours

Stage 08 Wine Country Styria Cycling Tour Bad Radkersburg - Leibnitz

On this stage of the Wine Country Styria Cycling Tour, the Mur, the second largest river in Austria and namesake for the well-known Mur Bike Path, will be our companion and bring us from the Southeast Styrian Hill Country Wine Route to the ...