Dirndl | © Stephan Friesinger

Traditional dress

The perfect fit for a Dirndl, whether long or short, is to pull the bodice tightly around the body so that it just begins to pinch. Lederhose, on the other hand, should sit a little looser and not pinch anywhere.

There are many traditional garment shops that have established themselves in South Styria, offering an extremely wide array of traditional and modern attire. In some places, the Dirndl can be made to measure. In addition to the traditional "Gwand", you will also find Lederhose-style sweatpants or casual polo shirts featuring the antlers motif. And anyone who says that Lederhose are just for men would be wrong: women too cut a fine figure with a bold pair of short Lederhose! You're never too young for your first traditional Dirndl or Lederhose either: little ones often run around in this popular garb, looking so typically South Styrian even at this young age! As you can see, the traditional "Gwand" is very versatile in South Styria, and is something that everyone should have in their wardrobe. So don't be shy; pay a visit to a traditional outfit shop and try some Styrian style on for size.