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Southern Styria is characterized by culture, historical buildings and unique architectural masterpieces that are just waiting to be discovered. Absolutely worth seeing and impressive at the same time.

So you pass on his journey, across the southern Styrian wine country, imposing castles and baroque churches. Immerse yourself in the history of the region and its wine and learn interesting facts in the numerous museums and exhibitions. Get to know the Romans and Celts and get an insight into their way of life at that time. 

Museum, gallery and exhibition

Small but nice and yet so extensive in content. Almost 6000 years of the history of the origins of southern Styria are presented in the numerous museums of the region and provide impressive insights into a time far before ours. From Celts and Romans are reported as well as the traditional landscape cultivation to the history of wine and kernel oil.

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Churches & chapels

Baroque pilgrimage churches, charming chapels along the way or in the middle of the vineyards. These buildings characterize the appearance of southern Styria just as much as the enchanting landscape.