Best views

South Styria as a whole offers remarkable scenery to capture on camera: perfectly made for creating lasting memories. Visitors cannot help but catch their breath and gaze in wonder.

Let your eyes roam over the landscape and you are in danger of developing "scenery fatigue": because you are simply dazzled by so much extraordinary scenery, virtually indescribable in its magnificence and perfection. But of course there are also very special spots to be found here and there, where the views are different and the rays of sunshine hug the hills more tightly. So embark on a journey up to dizzying heights and click away from the view points, as an entire region lies before you. The famous Herzerlstraße (literally: "heart road") located on the border with Slovenia is a great spot for taking selfies and enjoying the scenery, as is the Herzerlbank (literally: "heart bench") observation point on the South Styrian Wine Road. A photo with the world's biggest bunch of grapes in the background or a snap of one of the many klopotecs found in the region makes a wonderful souvenir to remind you of the picturesque Weinland and its splendid emblems.

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