Lachende Gesichter auf der Steirischen Weinwoche | © Stephan Friesinger

Events in South Styria

If there's one thing that South Styria has a special talent for, it's celebrating festivals. These take place here throughout the year, in every community, ensuring that the cultural heritage and old customs of an entire region will never be forgotten. Many festivals and events revolve around wine and food, as key ingredients in the region's heritage.

In spring, Gamlitz invites visitors from near and far to celebrate the coming wine season together. In the Sulmtal Sausal area and in the city of Leibnitz, community walks are organised with a big party at the end featuring an abundance of local delicacies.

Summer brings with it a programme of sports events, art festivals, healthy living activities and entertainment events. Laid-back parties held at Sulmsee lake, live music and regional delicacies at the "Römern" event in Wagna, and an all-round programme of activities at the traditional "Welschlauf" race. At the "Schrattln" food festival in Heimschuh, all thoughts turn to culinary matters: only the finest produce from the region is served. At the end of every August, Leibnitz puts on a five-day festival, turning Styria's Wine Week into a real highlight for connoisseurs and wine lovers.

September and October is traditionally "Ernte sei Dank" (harvest thanksgiving) time, with a range of harvest festivals that are some of the most beautiful in Austria. These events take place every weekend from September to mid October. Several smaller events are also hosted at a number of wine taverns and guesthouses.

Events in South Styria

Trampolin Die Kabaratt Mix Show

Trampolin MIX - Die Kabarett Mix Show

28 Oct. - 07 Dec. 2021
Leutschach an der Weinstraße

Wild Kochkurs am Serschenhof

28 Oct. - 25 Nov. 2021
Leutschach an der Weinstraße
Stelzen frisch aus der Selch | © Weingut Skringer-Ranz | Familie Skringer

Frisch aus der Selch am Weingut Skringer-Ranz

29 Oct. 2021
Sankt Johann im Saggautal
Fruchtbrennerei Tinnauer | © Tinnauer

Führung durch unsere Brennerei

28 - 30 Oct. 2021
Almfest | © Remschniggalm

Saisonabschluss auf der Remschnigg Alm

31 Oct. 2021
Leutschach an der Weinstraße
Kleiner Markt | © Marktgemeinde Großklein

Großkleiner Herbstage - Kleiner Markt

29 - 31 Oct. 2021
Herbst beim Holzmichl | © Holzmichls Hofladen & Café | Carina Malli

Frühschoppen beim Holzmichl

31 Oct. 2021