In southern Austria, the clocks tick a little slower. Life is more relaxed, definitely moves at a slower pace, and there's a uniquely cosy feel to it. Virtually everything happens in harmony with nature and culture. Customs and traditions are alive and well here, and passed on to future generations.

In South Styria too, folk culture holds great importance for young and old alike, and this is reflected in many aspects of everyday life. Lederhose and Dirndls are still worn with pride - and not just on special occasions. In South Styria, these typical outfits are practically part of everyday attire. In many respects, they represent a lifestyle that is rooted in tradition and deeply connected to the region and its history. Traditional festivals are held throughout the year, and the old customs are carried on: dancing, playing the accordion, performing folk songs with gusto, recounting stories. From the rituals of Easter to the traditional klopotec celebrations through to the Thanksgiving festivities following a successful harvest, the longstanding traditions that give South Styria so much of its charm hold a special place in everyday life - thus preventing them from fading into oblivion.

Events in South Styria

Römern Wagna


25 May. 2022
Stadtgalerie - Rauter Marion

Vernissage Humanity

26 May. 2022
Minidramen | © Kürbis Wies

Drama, Baby, Drama!

26 - 31 May. 2022

Eröffnung der designfrische

26 May. 2022
Peter Sengl - This is my Way

Vernissage: This Is My Way - Peter Sengl

26 May. 2022

Kistenfleisch mit Livemusik

27 May. - 28 Oct. 2022
Vinyl | © Pexels

Buschen Shakin' am Weingut Machater

27 May. - 19 Aug. 2022
St. Stefan ob Stainz
Lange Nacht | © Lange Nacht

Lange Nacht in Gamlitz

27 May. 2022
Frisch aus der Selch | © Weingut Skringer-Ranz | Familie Skringer

Frisch aus der Selch am Weingut Skringer-Ranz

27 May. - 09 Dec. 2022
Sankt Johann im Saggautal
Sernauberg | © Sernauberg

kost.barer Sernauberg

28 May. 2022