Rathaus Straß | © Marktgemeinde Straß i. Stmk.
Süd & West Steiermark

Straß in Steiermark

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Gasthof Pension Sauer | © Gasthof Pension Sauer
Straß in Steiermark, 430 m
in the center of Strass we offer great accommodation for 43 guests. The multiple, double and single comfort rooms are ...
Privatzimmer Meier Christiane | © Privatzimmer Meier l Meier Christiane
Straß in Steiermark, 1,53 km
Our house is located in a good traffic situation, near the highway feeder Vogau. Supermarkets and inns are within ...
Privatzimmer Prutsch | © Privatzimmer Prutsch Regina | Prutsch Regina
Straß in Steiermark, 1,57 km
Contact person: Eva Maria Hofer (daughter of Mrs. Prutsch) With us you will find three cozy, lovingly furnished ...
Urlaub beim Chris Terrasse | © Urlaub beim Chris | Christian Deutschmann
Straß in Steiermark, 1,68 km
The apartment is located in a quiet location in the center of Vogau. The area is completely fenced, so you can let dogs ...
Schloss Spielfeld Außenansicht | © Schloss Spielfeld | Günther Simmerl
Straß in Steiermark, 1,92 km
You are on historical ground! More than 800 years ago, a fortification was mentioned for the first time, from which ...
Gersdorfer Kapelle | © Marktgemeinde Straß in Steiermark
Straß in Steiermark
Vogelwarte | © Marktgemeinde Straß i. Stmk.
Straß in Steiermark
HZ Ramsberger 597 | © Renate Polz
Straß in Steiermark
Terroir aroma garden, bee garden, meadow, tetra lemma coaching, high-quality and handpicked specialties from our ...
Schloss Spielfeld Tafel
Straß in Steiermark
The castle in  Spielfeld is open to all your ideas and dreams: romantic weddings, culinary journey or cultural events ...
Kapelle Obervogau | © Marktgemeinde Straß in Steiermark
Straß in Steiermark
Weinstadl & Weingut Holler Hochzeitslocation | © Weinstadl & Weingut Holler l Sylvia Holler
Straß in Steiermark
Our Holler winery is something very special. It is our life, our everyday life, our daily bread. With much love and ...
Buschenschank Musterstubn | © Buschenschank Musterstubn l Nina & Armin Polz-Kiefer
Straß in Steiermark
Berta Cash & Carry Spielfeld
Straß in Steiermark
Dolce Vita Vogau | © Rupp GmbH
Straß in Steiermark
Da Südsteirer Gaststube
Straß in Steiermark
Our family-run business is located in the heart of Obervogau, at the door to the South Styrian Wine Route. Our kitchen ...
Jakobiwanderung in Ratsch | © Ratscher Landhaus
25. Jul. 2022 - Mon: website.ab 11:00 website.uhr
Mon: website.ab 11:00 website.uhr
Ratsch , Ehrenhausen an der Weinstraße
Grasmuck | © Grasmuck
18. Mar. - 31. Oct. 2022 - : website.ab 10:00 website.uhr
: website.ab 10:00 website.uhr
: website.ab 10:00 website.uhr
Weingut Grasmuck, Gamlitz
From the vine to the wine Accompany us from the vine nursery through the cellar to the wine shop. From the origin to ...
Rebschule Assigal | © Assigal
01. May. - 31. Oct 2022 - : website.ab 10:00 website.uhr
: website.ab 10:00 website.uhr
: website.ab 10:00 website.uhr
: website.ab 10:00 website.uhr
: website.ab 10:00 website.uhr
Weingut Assigal, Gamlitz
"Around the vine" - Rooted in the Sernauberg.
Klapotetz | © Harry Schiffer, TV Südsteiermark
25. Jul. 2022 - Mon: website.ab 18:00 website.uhr
Mon: website.ab 18:00 website.uhr
Liener, Gamlitz
Traditional Klapotetz setting up with musical accompaniment.
Dreisiebner Stammhaus | © Dreisiebner Stammhaus
- website.ab 18:00 website.uhr
Weingut Dreisiebner Stammhaus, Gamlitz
Music Culinary in the Buschenschank Dreisiebner Stammhaus. Start 18:00 clock.

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