Blick auf Kitzeck in der Südsteiermark im Herbst | © Przemek Iciak |
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The Sausaler Wine Road

The Sausal Wine Road begins in Leibnitz, passes through the Sulmtal and up through Fresing until it reaches the heights of Kitzeck. Passing the steepest vineyards in Styria, it offers a glorious vista of the surrounding undulations. The area is densely populated with vineyards, orchards and mixed forests: a breathtakingly beautiful picture to say the least. And the wines from Sausal in particular will leave an unforgettable taste in your mouth.

On your journey you may wish to pay a visit to the local vintners to sample their renowned wines, or stop off at a Buschenschank (wine tavern), Gasthaus or restaurant to enjoy some fine wine and exquisite delicacies from the region. Gourmands and vinophiles will be in their element here. The Sausal Wine Road, however, offers far more than just wine-growing estates and premium culinary establishments situated in picturesque spots: on your way, you will pass the world's largest klopotec on the Demmerkogel, as well as Harrachegg Castle and the famous Weinbauschule Silberberg (school of oenology).  To name just a few highlights!

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