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Culinary experiences

Wine is considered the poster child of South Styria, but it is by no means the only leading product made in southern Austria. In addition to the grapevines that characterise the landscapes, hops have also made their mark. Farmers in South Styria are just as good at brewing beer as they are at making wine. Their creations include delicious natural beers and ingenious inventions such as dark beer containing ginseng or pumpkin. Speaking of pumpkin, this vegetable also happens to be characteristic of South Styria. It is found on the menu of local establishments mainly in the autumn, and is used to make some delicious, hearty dishes.

Much more importantly, however, there would also be no pumpkin seed oil without this orange-yellow "Plutzer" as it is known. And South Styrians simply cannot live without that! Used as a salad dressing is simply de rigeur. It can also be used to delicious effect mixed into scrambled egg or drizzled over vanilla ice cream. A uniquely nutty flavour that you are sure to have sampled on your travels.

Also unique is the Sulmtaler chicken, a breed that originates in the region from which it takes its name, and is enduringly popular thanks to its appearance, how it is raised and of course its flavour. The premium class among chickens, so to speak, is local to South Styria and looks back on a century of tradition.

As you can see, the list of culinary highlights produced in South Styria is practically infinite. Embark on a culinary journey of discovery through this fascinating region - visiting the farmers and their farm shops, and dining at the numerous Buschenschänken (wine taverns), guesthouses and restaurants - and you are guaranteed only the best that South Styria has to offer. Count your tastebuds tickled.