Delicatessen stores

Richly laden with delicious culinary delights: South Styria is a region that keeps on giving. Visit the local farms to sample their produce fresh on site, and fill your basket with all the most typical symbols of the region.

The numerous delicatessen and farm shops scattered throughout South Styria take shopping to a whole new level. Find out where the products come from, how they are made, and sample the outstanding quality for yourself. Purchase South Styrian specialities direct from the producers and feel free to ask questions; they'll be pleased to talk a bit of shop with you. All of this makes a visit to a farm a remarkable experience. You'll find excellent wines, brandies, unusual and delectable beers, pumpkin-related products, as well as fine cheeses, high-quality meats and sausage products, not to mention all kinds of fruit and vegetable-based products. Direct and regional - simply a pleasure.