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A crisp "Backhendl" (fried breaded chicken), succulent "Schweinsbraten" (roast pork), fresh "Geselchtes" (salted, smoked meats), "Verhackert" (bacon relish), colourful salads and nouvelle cuisine - they are all close at hand. South Styria not only enjoys great variety in its charming landscapes; its wealth of gastronomic establishments more than holds its own too. Nobody here goes home hungry! Styrian dishes are passed down from our grandparents' recipe books, prepared with love and dedication and sometimes given a new spin; you will also find modern new approaches seasoned with Styrian specialities. In South Styria, you can enjoy culinary indulgence of the highest order.

Stop off at a traditional Buschenschank, the obligatory glass of wine in hand and a delicious platter of cold cuts set before you. Tuck into a stuffed roast chicken or perhaps a goulash in a "Wirtshaus", and have a chat with the inn owner who will likely tell you an anecdote or two. Plus, our award-winning chefs will show you just how nouvelle cuisine is done, South Styrian style. If you don't fancy any meat, no problem: the wine taverns and even the long-established local restaurants on the town square all make every effort to cater to vegans and vegetarians. Wherever your journey takes you, you can be sure to return home feeling pleasantly full and having made some new friends.

The restauranteurs in South Styria all agree on one thing: only fresh, regional products will do. And because the food tastes so good and the quality of the produce is so hard to beat, many establishments in South Styria win award after award for their offerings. Guten Appetit!

The many flavours of South Styria

Be inspired and delighted by our numerous gastronomic establishments and their menus.

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