Glasteller mit schön dekorierter Speise. | © Mateusz Gzik |

Gault Millau

Gault Millau represents progress, and takes culinary art to a whole new level. A level that South Styrian cuisine has no trouble keeping up with.

Of paramount importance are: creativity, the use of high-quality products, excellent presentation, and a joy of cooking. All of this is taken into account in the rating. Points are scored using the French school grading system of 0 to 20, and "Hauben" (chef's hats) are awarded depending on the number of points won. Modern, unusual, yet rooted in tradition, award-winning South Styrian chefs are skilled in crafting true masterpieces. Traditional dishes are given a new spin and prepared using local products: the result is an authentic taste sensation. So hats off to the "Hauben" and the chefs who wear them.

Points system:
A chef's hat is awarded once 11 points have been scored; 19 and 19.5 points merits five chef's hats.

5 hats: 19 and 19,5 out of 20 points

4 hats: 17 to 18,5 out of 20 points

3 hats: 15 to 16,5 out of 20 points

2 hats: 13 to 14,5 out of 20 points

1 hat: 11 to 12,5 out of 20 points


South Styria results: South Styria results: for 2020, Gault Millau has awarded three chef's hats to five establishments; two hats to five establishments; and one hat to seven establishments.