Pärchen auf dem Weg in den Weinkeller | © Steiermark Tourismus/ ikarus.cc

Wine experiences

It almost takes your breath away to stand high up on the hills among the grape vines, with a klopotec playing in the wind. Gently rolling hills, rich greenery, colourful forests and vibrant vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see. 2,563 hectares of vineyards blend harmoniously into the landscape, forming the largest contiguous vineyard in Styria. Which brings us to our topic of conversation: our wine - possibly the most important cultural asset of a region - which looks back on a long and dynamic history, deeply rooted in nature, while also looking ahead into an even more exciting future.

Crisp, natural wines produced from over 280 wine-growing estates in South Styria travel all over the globe, finding the recognition they deserve wherever they go. The rich soil, mild Mediterranean climate, unique locations, and the exquisite art of wine-making practised here in South Styria give our wines their celebrated, rich bouquets. A lot of hard work goes into crafting these unrivalled products: vines are still customarily picked by hand, as machines are no longer allowed to access the steep slopes. The leading variety is Sauvignon Blanc, but the sheer choice available - from Weißburgunder, Welchriesling, Morillon, Traminer, Muskateller, Riesling through to Zweigelt - will bring a fizz of excitement to any wine connoisseur. A world of pleasure and joie de vivre awaits you as you travel along the Wine Road, passing the famous winegrowing regions of Gamlitz, Ratsch, Berghausen, Spielfeld, Leutschach, Sausal and Kitzeck, and stopping off at a winery every now and then to sample their produce. A wine experience in South Styria goes hand-in-hand with culinary delight, hospitality, landscape and culture: an unforgettable adventure for connoisseurs and nature lovers alike.