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Wineries and wine tasting

When fathers and their children take a walk through the vineyards, inspecting the grapes and planning the harvest ahead, it's time for a new vintage. Whole families are involved in producing this age-old beverage and showcasing the wonderful wines that South Styria has to offer, year after year.

Winegrowing knowledge and experience is handed down from generation to generation. Winegrowers are also more than happy to share their wisdom with visitors, who are welcomed with open arms and introduced to these splendid, often very modern wine-growing estates. Visitors are given an opportunity to delve right into the world of viniculture: with wine tastings that are often a very personal affair in South Styria. The winegrower will gladly take the time to show his guests around the winery or vineyards himself and offer an insight into his treasures. He will answer any questions, invite you to try his produce, and there is always fun and laughter involved. Discuss the various flavours and fragrances; analyse the colours and the finish. You simply can't get much closer to wine. So come along to a wine-growing estate, where you will be made to feel right at home.