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Buschenschank Labanz

We would be pleased if you would try one or the other bottle of quality wine in our Buschenschänke for a good snack. Perhaps you will acquire a taste for wine and become a wine connoisseur and wine connoisseur. You have the opportunity to purchase all wines at the farm-gate price in our store. We have also thought about our little guests and therefore we have built a wonderful children's playground near the terrace. This is of course at your own risk. We wish you a pleasant stay in an excellent Styrian Buschenschänke, which has been awarded the certificate "Bäuerlicher Buschenschank".

The meat processing for our meat and smoked products takes place on the farm. In our own slaughter room, many a piece of meat is refined into smoked products, which you can eat with pleasure as a genuine Styrian Bretteljause.

For smoking we use only well dried beech - apple or cherry wood.


Buschenschank Labanz
Marion & Peter Labanz
Oberhaag 34
8455 Oberhaag