Pärchen genießt Ausblick und ein Glas Wein | © Steiermark Tourismus/ ikarus.cc

Welcome to South Styria

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Köstliche steirische Zutaten für den Picknickkorb | © Steiermark Tourismus | ikarus.cc
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Styria´s culinary mecca

In South Styria, paradise and the land of milk and honey have joined forces. The single purpose of this joint venture: culinary enjoyment at every turn. Such a sublime enterprise is offered by a group of people that combines relaxed southern ease with the tireless drive to create and innovate. In South Styria, visitors are welcomed with open arms and spoiled for culinary choice. Whatever your taste is, you can be sure to find something that hits the spot: because from among the finest wines, wine tavern specialities and award-winning restaurants, South Styria offers a variety like no other.

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Hiking & cycling

South Styria offers the most beautiful backdrop imaginable for walks and hikes, from leisurely ambles to ambitious sporting challenges and everything between. It has an incredibly diverse range of (round) hiking trails traversing the most diverse of terrains. The countless rest stops dotted along the routes are particularly popular for stopping for a bite to eat.
It‘s as if the topology of South Styria was designed especially as exercise heaven for pleasure-seekers. Cyclists on traditional bikes or e-bikes will love the relaxed blend of landscapes and hilly passes.

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